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Making an appointment

When making an appointment, we will need your name, contact number, email, and address. We will then send a health history form for you to fill out through your email. Once that has been completed, we will contact you to verify the correct address the appointment will take place at, the date and the time. Before the time of the appointment, please have a space set aside for the therapist to set up the table for the treatment. 



First time treatment

The first time coming to your address, the therapist will ask where to set up the table for the treatment. While it is being set up, they will go over your health history form that has been filled out. Once the setup is complete, the therapist will leave to clean up and prepare for the treatment while you get ready and lay down on the table underneath the sheets. Once you are ready, the therapist will return to start the treatment. Afterwards once the treatment is done, the therapist will leave to allow you to get redressed. The therapist will then come back when you are ready, break down the table and then recommend any stretches, exercises and frequency of future treatments you may need to make.


If you are with Blue Cross and would like to direct bill, notify your therapist at the beginning of the appointment so that they can have it set up in a timely manner after the treatment.


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